Black Tools BX 62 Hydraulic Roller Feed PTO Agricultural Chipper


With hydraulic feed BX 62 hydraulic Roller feed system  (PHOTOS FOR ILLISTRATION IS A BX92 )

The BX62 with hydraulic feed. self feeding system,  with 2  feed rollers . The speed of the feed rollers can be controlled in order to align the feed rate to the diameter for the blades. Smaller diameters may be discharged faster than larger diameter. In event of a blockage you change the feed in the reverse mode. The feeder can also be disabled on this mode. This is powered by the tractor hydraulics; this requires a pressure flow and a separate return or double acting controller.


The wood chipper comes complete with PTO. The PTO is on one side of a shear pin installed, which is used for security as a breaking point for blockages or overloads. You can use any tractor over 65HP.  The PTO speed must be a range of between 540 – 780 RPM

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Product information: Before assembly;

  • Length=122cm
  • Height=202cm
  • Width=90cm
  • Weight=480kg

Product to be delivered in metal frame

Please note metal frame may need cutting out with grinder.

Shear bolts;

  • 8×50 Bolts.
  • 8mm Lock nut.
  • Spring washer 8mm.


  • Model: BX62/BX62R Woodchipper.
  • Drive system: Direct drive, PTO w/shearbolt.
  • HP requirements for max.cap: 60-70.
  • HP Range: 30-100
  • Chipper Capacity: 6” Dia (max. 12” slab)
  • Chipper Housing Opening: 6½” x 12”
  • Rotor size: 30”
  • Number of Rotor Knives: 4
  • Knife Type: Harden tool steel.
  • Rotor Weight:  180 lbs.
  • Feeding System Feed: Self or Hydraulic Feed.
  • Mounting System: 3 Point Hitch
  • Dimensions(Hooper Folded): 50”L x 52”W x 74”H
  • Hopper Opening: 25” x 25”
  • Discharge Hood Rotation: 360º
  • Discharge Hood Height: 74”
  • Rated RPM: 540-10000



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