Hydraulic log splitter 18 TON Black Tools. Loncin 6.5hp pertol engine


 4-stroke OHV engine, 6.5HP Pull Start Invoice inc VAT. 2 Year Warranty



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Black Tools Professional 18T HYDRAULIC Log Splitter 62cm, Loncin 6.5hp, New Improved 2020 model

Top Quality, Black Tools a UK Brand Log Splitter has a 10 second cycle time and can be used horizontally for splitting standard diameter logs and vertically for larger tree rounds that physically cannot be lifted to the horizontal splitting height. Ideal for professional users. 

Please note this is the new model 2019 with a twin operation handle as well as a work table, this will make it a lot easier when splitting short stems in the horizontal position.

Complete with a 4-way wedge. use as vertical or horizontal!

Powered by a 6.5 hp Loncin which comes with a 2-year warranty.

Fitted with a 50mm ball hitch and towable on farm roads/ B roads and country lanes up to a maximum speed of 30mph.

The simple two-handled ram operation conforms fully with E.U Health and safety regulations and features an auto return ram system that allows the ram to return automatically or be stopped anywhere on the cycle to decrease splitting time.

Come and test this splitter at Black tools in CT70NB, Kent.  welcome to collect!

  • 18 ton max splitting force
  • 24″ max log length
  • 16″ road use tyres with high speed axle, safety chain for tow bar, safe to tow at 40mph, you will require a tailboard
  • 10  second cycle time
  • 6.5hp Loncin engine
  • 11 gpm two-stage pump
  • 7″hardened steel splitting head, + 4-way splitt tool. 
  • auto return valve
  • width 34 1/2 inch  , length 83 inch,  height 38 inch,  weight 218 kgs 
  • 2-year warranty on the Log Splitter 

Product information:

  • 18-ton max splitting force
  • 24″ max log length
  • 16″ road use tyres with high-speed axle
  • 10 second cycle time
  • 4-stroke OHV engine, 6.5hp Loncin 

  • 11 GPM two-stage pump 4-stroke OHV engine, 6.5hp Loncin 
  • 7″hardened steel splitting head, + 4-way split tool.
  • Auto return valve
  • 2-year warranty
  • Commercial use not advisable 
  • engine oil required 0.6L 10w-30 
  • hydraulic oil 20 litres iso 46 

Before assembly:

  • Length=168cm
  • Height=66cm
  • Width=54cm
  • Weight=209kg


This product is skillfully packed and part-assembled in a wooden box. You should allow approximately 2-3 hours for final assembly. Step by step assembly instructions in the manual,  and an engine manual that comes with your log splitter.

You will need approximately 20 litres of hydraulic oil to make the device ready before use. A hydraulic oil of classification HLP46 would be ideal and is widely available. In addition, you will also need approximately 1 litre of engine oil for the engine. For this purpose, we recommend multi-grade oil 10W40 or 15W40. 

We can add the Hydraulic oil for an extra charge of £50.

If you are needing any further assistance, we are more than happy to help, by contacting Woodman stores at 01795500077 and selecting option 3. We can also offer the service of assembling the Log Splitter for you with a charge of £50, however, the delivery charge will be £120 as now being an oversized item. Thank you.


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with 25 litres hydraulic oil

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