EFGC series flail mower is designed for mulching grass and short brambles and shall be used in the indicated purpose.


The flail mower consists of a rorating shaft with many hammer blades attached to this.  The blades cust the grass while traveling over the working area.  Rotational power to the shaft is provided by the tractor PTO, through the gear box in the centre of the mower.


The flail mower attaches to the 3 point hitch on the tractor.


Main components of this model flail mower:


1. Blade Axle

2. Blade axle cover

3. Combined fender

4. Supporting frame

5. Gear box assembly

6.Suspension bracket

7. Transmission shaft

8.Belt wheel and belt


Specifications and parameters to the flail mower


model:  EFGC 155 (155CM) (5.0853 FOOT)

Dimensions L1665mm x H790mm x W 850mm

Weight  :  300kg

cutting width : 1.52m

working efficiency: 5200-13800m 2/h

PTO turning speed :  540rpm

PTO Spline:   6*8*800

Tractor power required:  30 to 40 hp


The Gearbox is dry and must be filled with oil prior to use (80W40. approx 1 litre.


The mower is delivered in a steel frame that is robust and prevents damage. However, you will need

a hand grinder to take the mower out the frame.

Additional information

Weight 300 kg


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